Homomorphic Encryption 101

Pam Lahoud

In this article from his blog, Premier Developer consultant Razi Rais covers some of the basics of a powerful security & privacy tool – homomorphic encryption.

I was recently exploring methods for improved privacy using various encryption schemes and stumbled upon Homomorphic Encryption that has a huge potential  in that area. I do feel that it has higher barrier to entry considering the complexity and level of maturity it has today. If you’re looking for learning resources/libraries to get started on it take a look at Git repo that I have created for the purpose of sharing resources around Homomorphic Encryption.

At a very high level Holomorphic Encryption allows you to perform basic mathematical computations (+,-,x,/) on encrypted data (cipher text) without need to have un-encrypted data (plaintext). This ability to perform operations on encrypted data has many high impact use cases.

Continue reading on Razi’s blog here.


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