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New Concept: Diversity Driven Development

Diversity Driven Development (DDD) is concept that I’ve envisioned for some time. DDD can enable you, your team and/or your organization to build software and services that provide solution beyond just the current customer demographic.

AZ 203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Study Guide

As a Microsoft employee who works with customers and a cloud enthusiast, I see it essential to be knowledgeable of how the cloud can bring the best value to the developer. Because of this, I am taking the AZ 203 exam, which is titled “Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure”. This exam was in beta for some time and was recently released proper in January 2019. Developers used to the Microsoft certification world will see this exam as a replacement for 70-532, which is the older iteration of Azure technology geared for developers. Passing this exam will reward developers with the “Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate” certification. Going forward, most Microsoft certifications are moving to a job-role based (great take by Chris Pietschmann at Build Azure) approach, which in my opinion is a good move, as it allows folks to focus on passing exams that contain content that will directly be used on the job.

Extensions to Application Insights Telemetry Collection

Application Development Manage Isaac Levin recently posted this article on building extensions for Application Insights.  In this post, he demonstrates how to capture additional HTTP metadata using custom telemetry Initializers for Application Insights.I will start off by saying I love Application Insights. I have been using it for a long...

Freeing Disk Space on a Developer Machine

In this post,  Senior Application Development Manager, Patrick King, shares some tips for freeing up disk space on a development machine.As a developer, I see my free disk space diminish over time. It usually isn’t an issue if I have ample disk and get to change hardware out every few years, but that isn’t the case for everyone. This ...

5 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Failure

In the second post in his series on risk management in modern software development, Premier Developer consultant Assaf Stone further explores the concept of mitigating risk by reducing the impact of failures. In the previous post we discussed risk management, how many of us manage it today by attempting to control the likelihood of failure...

Risk: You’re Managing it Wrong!

The following post about managing risks in modern software development is from Premier Developer consultant, Assaf Stone.No offense, but despite your best intentions, you might not be handling risk properly. In this day and age, everything is software-dependent; even if you do not consider yourself a “software-firm” per-se, even if you are...

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