Notes from the Field: Migrating to Visual Studio Team Services

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Premier Developer consultant Brian Blackman shares two major insights regarding migrating on-premises databases to the cloud.

This post does not cover all the details of migration to Visual Studio Team Services. You can find that information at Migrate to Visual Studio Team Services. And your options for migration can be found at Migration options. What this post does cover are two considerations regarding migrating your on-premises database to the cloud.

1. Apply standard administrative tasks before you migrate.

  • Reduce the size of the dataset to be migrated
    • Delete stale assets
      • Branches
      • Builds
      • Projects
      • Workspaces
      • Teams
      • Test artifacts
      • Files – look for very large files. I have found teams using version control for Server backups!

2. Minimize process quagmire and bifurcation.

  • Do you need the highly customized process template? Is your process a bottle neck?
  • You can speed uniformity of template use by converting all templates back to their default.
  • Consider Process customization for the Inheritance process model.


In a follow-on post I will provide more detail on how to enact the two aforementioned considerations.


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