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Azure SQL MI Replication – New Possibilities for Hybrid Environments

As customers continue to have more applications deployed in Azure, it’s common that data from those on-premises applications has to be shared with the new cloud applications or vise-versa. A simple batched methodology may be suitable for table data that is rarely updated, but for data that changes frequently, this may introduce an unacceptably high latency and undermine any data concurrency, expected by the business users. One of the limitations of SQL Azure database is that it can’t support a SQL agent, so replication, while possible from on-premises to the cloud, is not available in the opposite direction. One solution is the use of the relatively new Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, SQL MI, that allows replication from the cloud replicated back to an on-premises SQL database.

Automating SQL Azure Server Firewall Rule Creation

For this installment of the Premier Developer Blog, Application Development Manager Herald Gjura shares some PowerShell scripts from his toolbox to help automate Azure SQL DB Server firewall rules. Problem to solve This is the problem I am trying to solve. I usually work with multiple Azure clients, who have granted me access to ...