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Testing – When is Enough, Enough?

Microsoft Testing Services is a global practice with almost twenty years of experience. Working with thousands of customers around the world, the services are delivered by a highly-skilled team of experts including best-in-class certified test consultants.

5 User Centered Development Tactics to Start Using Today!

With a mission to “empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more”— it’s increasingly important for Microsoft employees to have a conversation about User Centered Design4 (UCD). As developers, we are building products for people to use, so we need to ensure we are putting them at the center of it.

Introduction to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, its licensing, and Premier Support

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Protocol is the language communicated between a mobile device and server to enable synchronization of emails, calendar items, contact information, tasks, and push accurate and reliable data. Microsoft has a flexible support framework in place to help customers and partners adopt AES on Android and iOS.
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Rastreamento de projetos cross-team a nível de portfólio com Azure DevOps Boards

A inclusão das extensões Feature timeline and Epic Roadmap no processo de gerenciamento de portfólio está ajudando meus clientes a tornar a vida do PMO ainda mais fácil do que antes. A extensão Delivery Plans permite atualizações de portfólio colaborativas, constantes e automatizadas. Isso permitiu que todos evoluíssem no processo de desenvolv

Advanced Error Handling with Power Automate

Sr Consultant Adam Toth demonstrates how to handle errors properly in Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), including expected errors from APIs and connectors, and how to deal with throttling conditions (HTTP 429 Responses). Power Automate’s default response to errors from connectors is pretty simple – exit the workflow right ...