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Move or Clone TFS from one hardware to another in TFS 2017/2018

Prior to Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2017, moving or cloning of a TFS instance required manual preparation and configuration of existing instance’s backups. You can now configure your restored databases completely through the application tier. This blog walks through the new process to demonstrate how to restore and configure an instance of TFS to new hardware.

TFS 2018–XAML is back?!

In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Derrick Cawthon weighs in on one of the latest announcements that TFS 2018 will include XAML builds. Starting in TFS 2017 it was announced that XAML builds were being deprecated. No big surprise to anyone paying attention as they are an older build system which had to go at some point. However this ...

VSTS Private Agents with ARM

This post is provided by App Dev Managers, Mariusz Kolodziej and Francis Lacroix who discuss how to automagically deploy a VSTS Private Agent with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and some PowerShell.(image) My customers love to use VSTS to enable their DevOps capabilities, but in some cases they are not able to use the Hosted Agents due to ...

Rollback tests with TFS/VSTS

In this post, Premier ADM Mike Lapierre covers techniques to rollback bulk editing changes with TFS test cases. I was assisting a customer recently who was working on many TFS test cases, using Excel for bulk editing.  The Excel integration is great for editing regular fields but it can’t handle HTML fields like the description or the ...