PowerTip: Using PowerShell to Convert raw Text to a Comma Separated columm

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Summary: Using PowerShell and a very simple Regular Expression to convert Random counts of spaces to a Comma

A picture containing scissors Description automatically generated

Hey Doctor Scripto! I have some string based output from a non PowerShell application. The output is good but I need to easily parse it. Is there a way to convert that data to something consistent like “Comma Separated?”

Why yes you can! This is something that is easily done with a regular expression. Using a simple example like this will identify all content with more than one blank space separating it, and replace it with a comma!

$SampleText=’Hello             This                      is   your      Good    Friend     Doctor                     Scripto’ $SampleText -replace ‘\s{2,}’ , ‘,’

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Your good friend, Doctor Scripto

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