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Expert Solution for 2011 Scripting Games Advanced Event 10: Use a PowerShell Proxy Function to Create Temporary Files

Summary: Microsoft PowerShell MVP Shay Levy shows how to use a proxy function to easily create temporary files and solve Advanced Event 10 in the 2011 Scripting Games. Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, here. As we wrap up the 2011 Scripting Games today, we have Shay Levy as our expert commentator for Advanced Event 10. Shay Levy is a ...

Proxy Functions: Spice Up Your PowerShell Core Cmdlets

Summary: Microsoft MVP, Shay Levy, shows how to use Windows PowerShell proxy functions to extend the capability of Windows PowerShell cmdlets.   Hey, Scripting Guy! I need to be able to modify the behavior of existing Windows PowerShell cmdlets. Is this something that can be accomplished by using “normal” tools, or do I need ...

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