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Just go with the flow…. WorkFlow that is with Windows PowerShell
Doctor Scripto returns again with our good friend Joel Vickery, PFE who is going to touch on the use of Workflows In PowerShell. Take it away Joel! Following up on my original post Parallel Processing with jobs in PowerShell, I wanted to go into another method of running parallel processes in PowerShell, namely WorkFlows. WorkFlow is v
Dr Scripto
PowerTip: Identify Completed PowerShell Jobs with Data yet to be Received
Summary: Doctor Scripto quickly shows how to identify Completed Jobs in PowerShell which have yet to have the data Received Hey Doctor Scripto, How can I identify jobs which already completed but I haven’t done a Receive-Job on to get the data? You can do this with the Get-Job Cmdlet by targeting the -ChildJobState and -HasMoreData
Dr Scripto
PowerTip: Use Windows PowerShell to display all Environment variables
Summary: Doctor Scripto demonstrates how to use env: to show all currently set environment variables Question: Hey Doctor Scripto, I remember in DOS if I wanted to see the values of all the Environment variables; like TEMP I could just type the SET Command. How do I do this in PowerShell? Answer: You can do this in one line using
Dr Scripto
Testing RPC ports with PowerShell (and yes, it’s as much fun as it sounds!)
Summary: Using PowerShell to identify RPC ports in use by capturing content from Dos Commands like PortQRY.exe We'd like to introduce you today to one of our newest bloggers!  It's a froopingly awesome friend of ours, Joel Vickery, PFE.  (did I mention Dr. Scripto is a big fan of books written by Douglas Adams?....oops!) Take it away J