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AdalException : authentication_ui_failed with ADAL and Xamarin Forms Android

In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Joe Healy identifies a possible error you may get when working with an Android project on Xamarin Forms. Read about his discovery and eventual solution to fix the SSL/TLS implementation issue.Recently, I was helping a client with an Azure Active Directory integrated project (ADAL not MSAL for some ...

Validate input in Xamarin.Forms using INotifyDataErrorInfo, custom Behaviors, Effects and Prism

In this post, Senior Application Development Manager, Davide Zordan, explores the rich set of validation features in Xamarin.Forms. I have recently been investigating the support available in Xamarin.Forms for validation and, in particular, researched the possibility of using INotifyDataErrorInfo to complement the traditional approach of ...

New project type has XAML forms by default

Recently on his blog, Premier Developer Consultant Joe Healy highlighted some new templates available to Xamarin developers in Visual Studio.  See below for the full article, but also be sure to check out Joe’s DevFish blog for lots more great content! Xamarin has some great documentation. The article at [

xam.plugins.connectivity – all APIs Sample

In a recent post from his blog, Premier Developer Consultant Joe Healy shows a fantastic cross platform plugin for working with connectivity scenarios in Xamarin. The plugin works with iOS, Windows UWP, Android, using Forms as well as native targets. The repository has full source code  for the plugin. The repo also has some lightweight ...