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Choosing the OAuth2 grant flow

Premier Dev Consultant Marius Rochon explores OAuth2 questions you need to ask and how the answers lead to the selection of the grant. The OAuth2 specifications define six different grant types ( and Each provides the most optimal (from the ...

Handling Error AADSTS54005

On November 15, 2018 an update to Microsoft Azure Active Directory was released to bring AAD in line with the OAuth specification. This update prevents an authorization code from being used to obtain access tokens for multiple resources. The full release notes for this change can be found here.

Using OAuth2 with SOAP

Premier Development Consultant Marius Rochon explores the combination of Universal App Platform (UAP) with SOAP using OAuth2 protocol for authentication. One possible application of this approach might be migrating from WCF to REST and/or needing to mix REST and SOAP services. Although the sample uses a UWP client, the same code would apply to...