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Solving What’s Off About Monolithic Applications

It's all about the people. The resistance to change is human nature. Leaders and team members alike. Assessing the team is simple. If they can demonstrate an openness to changing how they do things you are on track. If team conversations consist of why things must continue to be done the way they are being done success will be a challenge. But leadership is the real key. Effective change is a collaborative process and management's primary team facing role is keeping the team within the agreed upon boundaries. But of equal importance is securing and managing executive sponsorship. The team is pushing hard against their own instincts for the betterment of the organization. The organization must support them and insulate them from organizational winds that look to disrupt their efforts.

Legacy monolithic application – not a nightmare anymore!

This post is provided by App Dev Manager Srividya Annapantula who explores how emerging technical trends are changing the way we approach monolithic application.Dealing with a legacy monolithic mission critical application with millions of lines of code is a nightmare.  This is especially true if you are an ISV (Independent Software ...

Something is Odd About the Monolithic Application Discussion

In this post, App Dev Manager Mark Eisenberg takes a look back at the origin of monolithic applications and sets up a discussion about what needs to change.A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast which was a free-flowing discussion about monolithic applications, the problems therewith and why they are still with us some 50+ years after their ...