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Debugging ASP Core on Linux with Visual Studio 2017

NET Core and specifically ASP Core is an Open Source, High Performance implementation of .NET that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. After you deploy your web application to a Linux server it can be difficult to troubleshoot when issues arise. In this article, I’ll show you how to configure your Linux test server and Development environment to allow remote debugging giving you all the greatness of debugging in Visual Studio while your code is running on a Linux server.

Jump-Start: Swaggerizing ASP.NET Core

In his latest blog post, Premier Developer consultant Rob Vettor gives an overview of how to use Swagger with your ASP.NET Core application.As a consumer of an API service, how do you know what functionality the service exposes?Easy answer: Swagger supportSwagger is a framework that enables you to visually discover an API service. With it, you...

Docker Blog Series Part 2 – Build & Deploy ASP.NET Core based Docker Container on Service Fabric

This post is the second in a series of posts on Docker that Premier Developer consultant Monu Bambroo has posted on his blog. Azure Service Fabric in addition to offering a Service Fabric programming model is also able to orchestrate container based services across a cluster of machines. Service Fabric can deploy services in container ...

Defining ASP.NET Core Controller action constraint to match the correct action

When developing Web Api controllers many times we have situations where we need to define similar arguments in different methods. For example, a controller that has 2 methods that query users either by last name or date of birth. The name of the method is different but they both will receive a single argument of type string. When the routing engine can’t determine which action method it should call, a status code of 500 is returned.

Referencing a PCL project in both ASP.NET Core and Xamarin Forms

Thanks to Premier Developer Consultant Gustavo Varo for this prescriptive guidance on cross-platform development with Xamarin and ASP.NET Core. Back in March while working with Xamarin Forms and ASP.NET Core, I identified the need of sharing some code between both projects. My very first idea was to create a PCL (Portable Class Library) ...