How to Maximize the Value of Your Planning Session

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Dev Consultant Assaf Stone shares some tips on how to make the most of your Agile planning sessions.

Image manifestoBy now it is commonly accepted that the old way of developing software, in silos, with a big up front plan and design, with only a single true delivery to customers at the end of the project, also knows as the infamous Waterfall approach is not the best way of doing things. Many development teams have fully embraced the agile approach, while others have not (yet) fully done so.

Partial, or early agile transformation attempts can often be characterized by embracing some (but not all) ideas, or certain practices commonly associated with agile development frameworks, such as Scrum, but without fully embracing its principles and philosophies; these teams often get the “what” part of it right, but have not yet embraced the “why” or the “how”.

In this blog post, I will focus on how to improve the agile planning session, also known in the Scrum framework as the Sprint planning session.

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