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Scrum Isn’t Always Perfect (and that’s okay)

Over the years, I have coached and researched dozens of scrum teams to adapt to “real world” scenarios. Some may call them anti-patterns or some may call them “not scrum”-- but that is okay too because sometimes we have to work with what we have and still find ways to be successful.

Three questions that could improve your Agile team

This post is contributed by App Dev Manager Justin Scott who asks three very important Agile questions.Agile has been adopted by many successful companies who value quality, incremental change on a more frequent basis compared to a team that uses a waterfall development methodology. Teams that embark on the journey of introducing Agile often ...

Scaling Scrum with Nexus in VSTS

This post is from Premier Developer consultant Assaf Stone.In this post, I will cover what Scrum Nexus is, where, when, and why you would want to use it, and how to set up VSTS best to accommodate your Scrum practices. As VSTS’s tooling is not yet perfect for some of Nexus’s practices, I will discuss some viable fallbacks and workarounds....