Azure DevOps Pipelines: Tasks, Jobs, Stages and more!

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John Folberth recently contributed a series of Azure DevOps posts in our Tech Community covering a range of Pipeline topics, including Template Tasks, Jobs, Environments, Variables, Jobs, and Stages.  There is a lot of great information, so be sure to check these out.

Azure DevOps Pipelines: Tasks, Jobs, Stages

When starting in Azure DevOps Pipelines one can immediately become inundated with terminology that may seem foreign or question what pipeline structure will lead to the most flexibility and streamlining of their build/deployment process. This post will focus on the hierarchy of Tasks->Jobs-Stages.

Azure DevOps Pipelines: Environments and Variables

Environments and variables are two key components when it comes to Azure DevOps pipelines security and governance. Additionally, if done right they assist with reusability of your pipelines.

Azure DevOps Pipelines: Templates Tasks and Jobs

YAML templates provide Azure DevOps customers with the capabilities to quickly scale and deploy artifacts while following their organizations required steps securely and quickly. Templates are the ultimate goal in any DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) implementation of Azure DevOps Pipelines. 


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