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Serverless Compute – Logic Apps, Functions and Event Grid

For this post, I want to introduce the serverless capabilities in Azure. With this, I’m hoping to spark the interest of developers, architects, and DevOps engineers to think differently. While not all problems can be solved with serverless, many can – and with that in mind, why not consider it?

Microsoft Security Code Analysis – a tool that seamlessly empowers customers to enable security controls in your CI/CD pipeline

We believe that Secure DevOps encompasses both a set of practices and a mindset shift to help customer adopt security principles and practices aligned with the culture shift and integrated with the practices, of DevOps. Secure DevOps practices include and build on those practices that are part of the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle.

gRPC + ASP.NET Core as a Migration Path for WCFs in .NET Core

The intended audience for this blog post is one who wants to migrate from the full .Net Framework to .NET Core and has a large library of WCFs, now considered technical debt. This post will attempt to at least partially answer the question: How difficult will it be to migrate my current code base of WCFs to gRPC in .NET Core?

Deploying a Virtual Assistant on the cheap

The thing I was interested in recently was deploying to the smallest and least expensive dev/test instances of the various services in order to keep the cost down. Since this was just for demo purposes and I would be the only one talking to the bot, I didn’t need the capacity and scale of the default install.