Technical Debt: A change in perspective

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In a recent post from his blog, Premier ADM Shawn Gaul puts a metaphorical spin on Technical Debt with Steve St. Jean and Marty Donovan.


technical debt

This series demonstrates how a metaphor can be used to change the way you look at this problem and thereby help to understand ways to overcome it. With that change in perspective, we’ll look at ways to tackle it and ensure your team continues to provide productive business value.

We needed a way of looking at this debt in a different light. The metaphor at this point wasn’t helping us anymore. In a lot of ways, it was painting a very scary image, one that was worse than reality. So I started to try and think of a different way of looking at the problem. A way that could explain the situation in a more productive way. One that gave us a means to not just prevent it but deal with it in more ways.

“Jeeze, it just keeps pilling up doesn’t it.”

To which I naturally respond:

“Tell me about it… “

“wait… “

“you’re talking about the snow!”


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