Agility SDK 1.600.10 – minor bugfix release

This minor release contains a fix for a raytracing related threading bug in previous Agility SDK releases.  There were intermittent crashes in the runtime for apps doing multithreaded creation of raytracing state objects.
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Announcing HLSL 2021

Today we are excited to announce the release of HLSL 2021! HLSL 2021 brings an assortment of new language features that we think will make shader authoring in HLSL more familiar and productive. Enabling HLSL 2021 is as easy as passing the `-HV 2021`, and you can immediately start enjoying all the new language features like...

Agility SDK 1.700.10 – our first Agility SDK preview!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re releasing our first Agility SDK preview today, Agility SDK version 1.700.10-preview! Head to Agility SDK Downloads to grab it. Agility SDK version 1.700.10-preview contains support for the following features: This is our first preview version of the Agility SDK, meaning that your ...

Announcing new DirectX 12 feature – Video Encoding!

Introduction Today DirectX 12 provides APIs to support GPU acceleration for several video applications such as Video Decoding, Video Processing and Motion estimation as detailed in Direct3D 12 Video Overview.  We are happy to announce that D3D12 has added a new Video Encode feature to the existing video API families, with a new set of ...

D3D12 Enhanced Barriers Preview

Good news for developers frustrated by confusing and inefficient D3D12 resource barriers, Enhanced Barriers are coming soon to D3D12, and are available now for experimental preview. Enhanced Barriers are a new set of D3D12 API’s that give developers independent control over GPU work synchronization, texture layout transitions, and cache ...
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Windows Graphics News – 2021 Q3

The third quarter of 2021 has passed, which means it’s time for another Windows Graphics News update where we show you what we have been up to! On this blog we will talk about opportunities to join the team, new graphics features, updates on existing features and graphics industry news.

Introducing a New API for Checking Feature Support in Direct3D 12

Background Direct3D can perform a lot of different operations. We use “capability” or “cap” to describe what the library can do. Direct3D 12 has a single API, ID3D12Device::CheckFeatureSupport, which tells us whether a cap is supported and its level of support in the runtime environment. Here's the function signature: To make use ...
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Windows 2021 HDR getting started guide

This blog will give you the information you need to purchase the right HDR device for you, whether you want to enjoy an HDR cinematic experience or have an awesome time playing games in HDR.
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Open Sourcing Direct3D 9 on 12 and the Release of the DXBC Signer NuGet Package

It’s been a while since we last mentioned the D3D9On12 mapping layer. As a quick refresher, it maps D3D9 commands to D3D12 by acting as the D3D9 Device Driver Interface (DDI). Having this mapping layer enables older D3D9 applications to run on modern systems that may not have a D3D9 driver. Since the last blog post, we’ve added support for...