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D3D12 Work Graphs

This is the official release of D3D12 Work Graphs, enabling new types of GPU autonomy, originally available as a preview in 2023. To start, here's what Epic sees: With the proliferation of GPU-driven rendering techniques - such as Nanite in Unreal Engine 5 - the role of the CPU is trending towards primarily resource management and ...

D3D12 Work Graphs Preview

Work Graphs is now out of preview. See the launch blog here Contents Introduction to work graphs Work graphs are a system for GPU autonomy in D3D12. Given the increasing prevalence of general compute workloads on GPUs, the motivation is to address ...

Agility SDK 1.610.3: Updated RenderPasses and minor Vulkan compatibility improvement

Contents: Updated RenderPasses Minor Vulkan compatibility improvements PIX support for these features Download here: Agility SDK Downloads Updated RenderPasses Background RenderPasses are an option for apps to organize rendering commands to be friendly to GPUs that need tile-based rendering to perform efficiently.  Ideally...

Agility SDK 1.600.10 – minor bugfix release

This minor release contains a fix for a raytracing related threading bug in previous Agility SDK releases.  There were intermittent crashes in the runtime for apps doing multithreaded creation of raytracing state objects.

DirectX Raytracing (DXR) Tier 1.1

An overview of features in DXR Tier 1.1.