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D3D12 Work Graphs Preview

Contents Introduction to work graphs Basis Characteristics Analysis Scenarios summary Specification <-- the docs Node types Broadcasting launch Coalescing launch Thread launch Condensed programming guide Drivers and other prerequisites <-- get running here Authoring shaders ...

Agility SDK 1.610.3: Updated RenderPasses and minor Vulkan compatibility improvement

Contents: Updated RenderPasses Minor Vulkan compatibility improvements PIX support for these features Download here: Agility SDK Downloads Updated RenderPasses Background RenderPasses are an option for apps to organize rendering commands to be friendly to GPUs that need tile-based rendering to perform efficiently.  Ideally...
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Agility SDK 1.600.10 – minor bugfix release

This minor release contains a fix for a raytracing related threading bug in previous Agility SDK releases.  There were intermittent crashes in the runtime for apps doing multithreaded creation of raytracing state objects.
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DirectX Raytracing (DXR) Tier 1.1

An overview of features in DXR Tier 1.1.
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