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[Updated June 13th to clarify support for FreeSync]

With Windows Version 1903, we have added a new toggle in Graphics Settings for variable refresh rate. Variable refresh rate (VRR) is similar to NVIDIA’s G-SYNC, AMD’s FreeSync, and VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync.

This new OS support is only to augment these experiences and does not replace them. You should continue to use G-SYNC / FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync normally. This toggle doesn’t override any of the settings you’ve already configured in the G-SYNC, FreeSync, or Adaptive-Sync control panels.

This new toggle enables VRR support for DX11 full-screen games that did not support VRR natively, so these games can now benefit from your VRR hardware.

You won’t see the slider unless your system has all of the following. If any of these are missing, you will not see the toggle and the feature will not be enabled for you.

  • Windows Version 1903 or later
  • A G-SYNC, FreeSync, or Adaptive-Sync capable monitor
  • A GPU with WDDM 2.6 or above drivers, that supports G-SYNC / FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync and this new OS feature

This feature is disabled by default, but you can turn it on and try the feature out. If you run into any unexpected issues while gaming, turn the feature off and see if that resolves the issue for you.

Daniel Schlegel

Program Manager

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anonymous 2019-06-04 19:29:22
This comment has been deleted.
Nicholas Steel 2019-06-04 19:31:00
Does it require Fullscreen Optimizations to be enabled to function in fullscreen display modes? Can it work with that functionality disabled so that the software can run in an actual native Fullscreen Exclusive display mode?
anonymous 2019-06-04 19:44:57
This comment has been deleted.
alb3530 - 2019-06-05 04:22:26
Was it included in a recent update for build 18362? I ask this because 18362 has released for more than one month in insider preview rings, and nobody commented about this feature..... About the requirements, some people reported the option doesn't appear in their machines even with all the requirements, probably because of "and this new OS feature" part in GPU requirement. -A GPU with WDDM 2.6 or above drivers, that supports G-SYNC / Adaptive-Sync and this new OS feature What does it mean? Isn't it enough to have WDDM 2.6 and G-SYNC support? (assuming the user is on Windows 1903 and has a G-SYNC or Adaptive-Sync capable display)
paul prochnow 2019-06-05 05:50:00
My PC will not accet that version the 1903......due to Raid Drivers and AMD. How's about the people with 1803 ? ? ?   Working on it? It seems odd to develop this EXclusiveisty in this diverse somputing world....Ask Belinda Gates if this is what THEY like.
paul prochnow 2019-06-05 05:54:48
if this is what THEY like.............no 1803 for AMD products?Dissing a large seggie of the market is real smart.
Alessio T 2019-06-05 06:22:15
I guess that this will work only with SWAP effects and applications built with recent versions of DXGI...
Ilya Yudin 2019-06-05 08:35:05
I don't have this option with 1903, G-Sync enabled and WDDM 2.6 Probably because I use two monitors and one of them doesn't support G-Sync?...
Dan ny 2019-06-05 18:27:45
Which GPUs support "WDDM 2.6 [..] and this new OS feature"?  I just updated to 1903, have a G-Sync monitor + GTX 980 TI with the latest drivers (430.86), and I don't see the option.
Dan ny 2019-06-20 15:10:39
So far, since updating to 1903 solely for this feature, three of my apps have stopped working correctly (including Microsoft's own "XBox Game Bar"), all of my games take significantly longer to boot up, and my FPS in games has plummetted.  Meanwhile, this feature doesn't even work AT ALL, and there's been no response from Microsoft about it, despite reporting the issue 2 weeks ago. Thanks a bunch, Microsoft.
Artur Roszak 2019-07-07 19:22:19
I have 1903, Gsync monitor, WDDM 2.6 driver and this option is not available, what other magic is involved in turning it on?