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  Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson here. Remember those really cheesy late night commercials?   I used to stay up late on weekends watching “The Cool Ghoul” and making fun of really bogus commercials. Evidently, I was not the only one to engage in such an activity, because years later Saturday Night Live also made fun of those same types of commercials; culminating with the “Bass-o-Matic.” For those of my readers who, either fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perspective, have never seen a cheesy commercial, it might go something like this. (Cue Windows PowerShell holiday music such as “Windows PowerShell the Command Line Interface”) (In a deep booming “Radio Announcer voice”) Do you find yourself becoming bored around the end of the year? Do you have accumulated vacation that you must “use or lose” and yet you have no place to go, and nothing to do? Are you tired of watching 50 year old holiday specials on television that really are not very special? If you answered yes to all of these questions, or even if you only answered yes to one of these questions, or if you actually did not even read the questions and have no idea what I am talking about, then Scripting Guys enterprises has a deal for you. (Cue the echo chamber) NINE (nine, nine, nine) yes that’s right nine holiday guest blog posts are coming up in the next nine days. Yes, Scripting Guy fans, I said NINE (nine, nine, nine) holiday guest blog posts featuring world renowned scripting authors such as Jeffery Hicks and his Windows PowerShell powered holiday shopping script. This is the script that keeps on giving, as you will learn how to harness an RSS feed to locate the best price on a brand new Microsoft Kinect console. How about Chris Bellee the Microsoft PFE from down under (yes, that’s right Australia) and his Windows PowerShell holiday card from Sydney? This script features beautiful pictures of the Sydney Harbor bridge, the longest single span bridge in the world. But wait, that’s not all, because Chris throws in the time and the temperature in Sydney for free. That’s right I said for free. But wait; there’s more. For a limited time, this week only, Microsoft MVP Sean Kearney writes a Windows PowerShell Carol. Yes, now you can find out what really happened to Ebenezer Script, Bob Snippet, and Tiny Shim. They are all here; the holiday classics you’ve never heard of before. If you act now, we will also throw in Sean singing the holiday classic “You’re a mean one Mr. Script …” This is a limited edition video that describes the humble origins of the soon to be great Tiny Shim in color music video like fashion. One size fits all screens. But wait; there’s even more, because Sean is also throwing in a special collector’s series of POD casts that is free with each blog post. This offer is not available in stores. See the Script Center for details. You must act now because this special holiday series expires on Sunday December 26, 2010. This all starts tomorrow. Now back to the regularly scheduled program.   Well that is it for today. We are not scripting today instead we are reveling in anticipation for the upcoming Nine Holiday Special Guest Blogs starting tomorrow. We do hope you will enjoy them and you have a happy healthy holiday season. ed wilson

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