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SUMMARY: Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy, talks about the Scripting Guys booth at Ignite 2016 in Atlanta.

Good morning everyone. Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy, here. So, the day has finally arrived – after literally months and months of planning, Ignite 2016 in Atlanta has arrived. hsg-9-26-16-1Well, actually it arrived earlier with the Pre-Con’s yesterday from the Operations Management Suite (OMS) team, and with MVP Days on Saturday. But today is the official kick off for Ignite.

The Scripting Wife and I arrived yesterday at the conference center, and it is huge. Our shuttle bus drops us off at the far end of the building and it is literally a .75 mile walk to the Expo hall where the Scripting Guys booth is (I know, i tracked the walk on my Microsoft Band). Here is the outside of the conference hall.

Once we are inside the conference hall, there are lots of displays everywhere that tell you the agenda at a glance. These are important because there are literally thousands of sessions, hsg-9-26-16-2meetings, and activities taking place everywhere during the event. There is also a conference app that is really cool for our phones. One thing that I notice when using this app is that every time I launch it, the schedule updates. This is the great thing about conference apps instead of the reams of dead trees that used to be handed out. I mean, why print out a session guide when the schedule changes minute by minute. One reason that the schedule changes is that the room assignments are made due to people indicating interest in a session and adding it to their schedules – so when a very popular session runs it gets a bigger room than a session that does not have as wide of appeal.

The Operations Management Suite (OMS) Team is here at Ignite … and we are out in force. hsg-9-26-16-3There are lots of presentations scheduled by various members of the team, and Jeremy Winter is doing a session in which he will be talking about the state of OMS and will be showing lots of the way cool features. OMS is an awesome product and the OMS booths are in the Cloud Platform area of the Expo Center … actually the booths are rather close to the PowerShell team booth as well. If you have questions about Log Analytics, Security, Automation, Back up and recovery, then the OMS team booths are the places to come and to get the latest and greatest information about this way cool technology. hsg-9-26-16-4

Just steps away from the OMS team booths is the PowerShell and DSC booth. It is in the Windows Server area and will be staffed by awesome members of the PowerShell team. This is the place to come with your questions about PowerShell or DSC.

And then we come to the Scripting Guys booth. We are literally just across the aisle way from the PowerShell team booth – the first time in history I guess where we have been so close hsg-9-26-16-5together actually. Usually our booths are on opposite sides of the expo floor, but this year we were able to get them close together. At the Scripting Guys booth you will find me, the Scripting Wife, Microsoft PFE Brian Wilhite, MCS Jason Walker, and MVP Sean Kearney hanging out. You will also find lots of other people hanging out as well. We even have a table and a few chairs so we can sit down, look at PowerShell Code, or just hang out and talk about what’s cool or needed in PowerShell or even OMS.

This year Ignite is going to be awesome. One of the things that is cool is the lawn by the confhsg-9-26-16-6erence center halls. We have it set up as a giant outdoors sitting area with lawn games, tables, umbrellas, cabanas and so forth. It is a great chance to take advantage of the awesome weather and to talk with various co-workers, make friends, contacts and exchange ideas. In fact, these impromptu conversations are often the most valuable things at conferences such as Ignite where you have thousands and thousands of experts coming together from all around the world.

Atlanta is a beautiful area, and the weather is perfect this week. Here is a picture of the park near the conference center.


If you are at Ignite, stop by the Scripting Guys booth and say hi, or bring your PowerShell or OMS questions. With the resources at Ignite this year we can help you find answers.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter and Facebook as we will be tweeting all week with the latest updates. If you have any questions, send email to me at, or post your questions on the Official Scripting Guys Forum. Also check out my Microsoft Operations Management Suite Blog. See you tomorrow. Until then, peace.

Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy


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