PowerTip: Use PowerShell to Keep Servers Correctly Configured

Doctor Scripto

Summary: How do I keep my servers configured correctly?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I can write Windows PowerShell scripts to configure my machines, but how do I enforce these configurations
           after the script has finished?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer This situation is called "configuration drift." You’ve set up your server properly, and then over time,
           little changes are made that lead to an unknown production state. To manage configuration drift,
           use Desired State Configuration (DSC).

           DSC allows you to write your desired configuration in an easy-to-understand
           form, and then DSC takes care of periodically checking the state of your server to see if it matches the desired
           state. If it doesn’t, you can configure DSC to automatically fix the issues, or to simply report that something
           has changed.

Note  Today’s PowerTip is provided by Windows PowerShell MVP, Dave Wyatt.


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