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SUMMARY: The Windows PowerShell Cruise, PowerShell on the high seas, is announced What’s better than a vacation? How’s geeking out about PowerShell (and other technologies) with a bunch of MVPs and doing that, in the Bahamas? I’m Doug Finke, 7 time PowerShell MVP and author or “PowerShell for Developers”. Earlier this year people in the PowerShell community asked about organizing an all PowerShell event or conference in the Northeast. In thinking about it, I hit on the idea of why not do a conference on a cruise. I told Jeff Langdon, he was one of the people I was in touch with about doing a large event around PowerShell, and it turns out, he is a long time cruise aficionado (aka “The Cruisinator”). After talking to a few cruise lines, travel agents, then the acquisition of a domain name, twitter handle and Facebook page. The PowerShell Cruise “To DevOps and Beyond” is setting sail from NYC to the Bahamas on June 18, 2016 on Norwegian Cruise Lines. All are welcome, including significant others and children. Think of this as a vacation plus PowerShell, a PowerShellcation. You’ve gotta check out the videos for what these cruises offer! Plus, you get to travel with family, attend sessions on PowerShell (and more), geek out with experts and then relax on the beach in the Bahamas. Before deciding, checkout the itinerary and then reserve a cabin. We can’t hold the rates much longer and you don’t have to pay it off till next year, April 2016. Even better, reserve now and you can get a full refund up till then if you re-decide. If you want to do a talk we’re doing a call for speakers. PowerShell has a far and deep reach, so if you want to let some of your fellow shipmates know about PowerShell or how you’re integrating it, this is your chance.

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