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Summary: Microsoft PowerShell MVP, Teresa Wilson, talks about the Windows PowerShell Summit 2015 speakers.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. Today is the final day for guest blogger, Teresa Wilson, to tell you about some of the speakers and sessions for the upcoming North America PowerShell Summit 2015 in Charlotte, NC.

Thanks Ed. It has been my pleasure to write this week about some of the speakers and sessions coming up at the Summit. I made a deliberate effort to not include all the sessions and speakers—can’t spill all the beans. There will be sessions by members of the Windows PowerShell team.

Lee Holmes will be one of the speakers, and he is staying in Charlotte Wednesday night to present to the Charlotte PowerShell User Group. There is still room for more people to attend, but for this meeting you must register. There is no charge, but we are limited in the number of attendees the room will hold. Please sign up at the Charlotte PowerShell Users Group site. Here's Lee:

Photo of Lee Holmes

As you know my favorite Windows PowerShell guy is none other than the Microsoft Scripting Guy himself, Ed Wilson. Ed will be presenting:

  • Normalizing Data with PowerShell. Everyone has heard the old adage, "garbage in, garbage out" when talking about databases, or other online data storage and retrieval systems. But do you know that Windows PowerShell can help you with your problem?

    In this session, Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, talks about using Windows PowerShell to perform data grooming. He shows how to clean up names, street addresses, cities, states, and even postal codes by using basic string manipulation techniques. By focusing directly on the data transformation, he extracts principles that can be used in regards to the database or other data storage system. After focusing on the individual components of the process, he puts the whole thing into a single script to transform the sample data. This session is heavy with live demonstration.

I found a picture of Ed to share from TechEd a couple years ago. In the photo, from left to right, are Brian Wilhite, Kurt Hudson, and Ed.

Photo of Brian Wilhite, Kurt Hudson, and Ed Wilson

The last, but certainly never the least, speaker I am going to talk about Steven Murawski. Steve is a Microsoft MVP and so many other things that I cannot list them all. Steve has two sessions:

  • Testing DSC Resources with Test-Kitchen and Pester. Test-Kitchen is a project that enables integration testing of configuration management resources. It grew up in the chef community, but it has a provider model that allows you to swap different configuration management systems, testing frameworks, and provisioning systems.

    In this session, Steve shows you to how to create a test matrix for Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources by using Test-Kitchen and Pester, a Windows PowerShell based testing framework.

  • Using DSC via Chef. Chef is a cross-platform configuration management system. Chef has been an early adopter of DSC. In this session, Steve demonstrates how Chef users can make best advantage of DSC and how the Chef ecosystem can benefit DSC users.

Last weekend I spent some time with Steve and several other US MVPs. It happened to be Steve’s birthday, so I grabbed a photo of Steve with his cake:

Photo of Steven Murawski

For more from Steve, see:

Here is another reminder that the speakers and sessions I presented this week is not a comprehensive list. But I hope it is enough to let you know what an awesome agenda is lined up for the Summit.

Have a great weekend.


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