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UX is not UI, but UI is definitely UX

When I first joined the Premier team here at Microsoft, a lot of the work I initially did for our customers was just that – advisory front-end design work. After many discussions about how I can provide value to our customers, I started to realize that even though words likes User Experience and User Centered Design are starting to be thrown out more and more in development, very few people have a full grasp of what exactly User Experience is.

Focus on your code, Let Microsoft Teams worry about the UI

In this post, App Dev Manager Kyle Kapphahn spotlights the conversational UI framework of Microsoft Teams to simplify UI development for enterprise apps.When I first began commercial software development in the mid-90's (yes, I know I'm dating myself), we used the classic 3-tier model: Presentation, Business Logic, and Data Layers. If you were...

Inspiration from the Microsoft Ability Summit 2017

This post is from Senior ADMs, Bill Bevan and Joseph Flanigen, who discuss incorporating accessibility into the product lifecycle in a sustainable way, including business and design requirements, leadership roles and responsibilities, design vs. remediation projects, and assessing legal risk.For the seventh year, Microsoft has hosted an ...