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DevOps and Mental Models

We need to regularly update our Mental Models but more importantly we need to find better means to update our Mental Models if we are serious about enabling a better culture which enables more innovation and happier individuals in our organization.

DevOps and Culture, part 1

Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This is a great introduction to how we think about DevOps and in this article, I’m going to unpack this statement so that we have a bit more context. This is the first part of multiple articles on culture as it relates to DevOps.

DevOps and Appification

In the following post, Premier Developer Consultant Ron Vincent explains how adopting DevOps principles can help organizations be more productive and aid in maintaining many apps.These days the typical enterprise organization has dozens and even hundreds of apps that it creates and maintains. In this article we’ll discuss how we can apply ...

Microsoft’s Geospatial Capabilities

In a recent article published on LinkedIn, Premier Developer consultant Ron Vincent highlights some of Microsoft’s geospatial capabilities, both past and present.Microsoft has for some time now had some level of geospatial capabilities but since Azure has come along there has been many developments on this front. In this article, I think it...

DevOps for GIS

This article is from Premier Developer consultant Ron Vincent. DevOps is more and more becoming mainstream. We are seeing it being broadly adopted across all industries and technology fields. We are also seeing the technology field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) adopt DevOps but not as quickly as it could. This article will address ...