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Unlike a lot of technical blogs, Premier Developer covers a range of both technical and business focused topics.  Why?  Simply put, developers need to understand the business and the business needs to understand developers. 

This post is provided by Dan Simmons, a Technical Delivery Manager in Microsoft’s Modern Application Domain and a millennial manager.  David S. Lipien, a Director in Microsoft’s Premier Services and a manager of millennials, helped contribute.

OFC16_Cafe_018I was recently at the lake relaxing and talking to my neighbor, a Press Lawyer, and she was discussing her position and the challenges she was facing. I mentioned I was leading a team, to which she stated, “oh man, I can relate to people management, I have some millennials I’m managing and they want to work from anywhere, be recognized all the time, and think they should make so much!” I responded saying, “I’m actually a millennial manager.

Which then made me think –  Is this situation any different than managing other employees?

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