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Evolutionary Change to Cloud Computing

As the cloud visionary, your job is to keep your band of pioneers dogmatically cloud native. You will be able to back off the dogma after a while, but one of the best ways to get out of an old groove and in to a new one is to use a well-defined methodology.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Developers

If you are looking to maximize your productivity and impact as a modern developer, consider these seven habits shared by App Dev Manager Ketuan Baldwin. Reaching your full potential as a developer requires you to be highly effective. In this blog, I will discuss some principles that are important for modern developers to be successful. The ...

Finding that Perfect Home: Web App Hosting in the Azure Cloud

This post is from Premier Developer consultant Rob Vettor. After months of late nights and more pizza than you want to remember, it’s time to deploy your brand-new web application to production. The good news is… you’ve got choices – lots of choices! However, making the right decision requires that you have a good understanding of ...