Integrating Blazor Components into existing Asp.Net Core MVC apps

Developer Support

Sr. Consultant Wael Kdouh explains how to integrate Blazor Components into existing ASP.NET Core MVC Applications.

Blazor offers many benefits to .Net developers ranging from providing a Single Page Application (SPA) framework option, to features like two-way binding and offline support just to name a few. But one of the main benefits that has been resonating with a lot of .Net developers is the fact that its component based. Whereas its highly recommended to start with a Blazor application whenever possible, it’s also plausible to consider integrating Blazor components into existing ASP.Net Core MVC applications (or Razor pages for that matter). The aforementioned scenario comes up in one of two cases:

  • You have a huge investment in an existing ASP.Net Core MVC application and you are not ready to migrate to Blazor but would like to make use of Blazor components
  • You would like to migrate to Blazor eventually, but you are planning on gradually getting there

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