Create Your First CI Pipeline in 10 Minutes or Less

Developer Support

In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Derrick Cawthon shares how to quickly create a continuous integration pipeline in VSTS, so teams can start pursuing their DevOps journeys.

During your DevOps journey typically the first item you will want to do (after establishing a good process for the team) is setup a Continuous Integration (CI) build. What does this mean in practical terms? Basically TFS/VSTS has the built-in capability of running a build anytime code changes in a certain repository (or repositories). This is a great practice to institute as it helps minimize the possibility of having “broken” code in your protected branches.

VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) has a great and simple mechanism to help promote this best practice.

To learn how to set up your first CI build, read the full post on Derrick’s blog here.