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Interacting With Push Notifications Under Angular 7 Applications

Until recently Angular supported SwPush class which allowed PWA capable applications to subscribe and listen to push notifications from the Service Worker. Here is an example where I am subscribing to clicking on the notification card which will redirect the user to my blog. Also notice that you also have access to the action that triggered the click. So you can wire your code to react differently to different actions.

Building a Simple Contact Form with Azure Functions

I write about Azure Functions over and over again because they are the perfect solution for what I am trying to do, small little things that I don’t want to spin up a larger unnecessary app to do it. Then I had a thought, why not have an Azure Function that I could http post to and sent an email from there...

Preventing Single Sign On (SSO) Redirects From Opening a New Window Inside a Progressive Web Application (PWA)

I was recently working on a PWA application that utilizes SSO and one odd behavior that I noticed right off the bat was the fact that the SSO redirects forces the application to open a new window inside the browser instead of carrying the redirect inside the application shell. This is problematic as it defies the whole purpose of a PWA which attempts to make a web application feel native.