2020 mid-year link clearance

Raymond Chen

Here we go again.


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  • Entegy 0

    Wow at that Reddit investigation for the Windows 98 music! I never heard the 98 music, but the XP music I did, but only in virtual machines. Guess a lot of machines required specific audio drivers which if you clean installed, weren’t there yet so you never got to hear the music.

  • Brian Boorman 0

    Re Sudoku video – not just any guy, but Simon Anthony. His reaction to this puzzle and other comments throughout are great. It took my teenage daughter 2 days to solve this.

    • cheong00 0

      I’m also subscriber for that channel.

      There are many awesome Sudoku puzzles sent by viewers being solved there. Some of them involves no number but just rules additional to normal Sudoku rules.

      That guy is amazing.

    • Neil Rashbrook 0

      I know I wouldn’t have been able to solve it anywhere near that quickly, but my faculties have not completely left me, as I did at least spot a minor error where he had coloured a square adjacent to a 3 in as a potential 4. (The square was subsequently ruled out for unrelated reasons.)

  • Michael Dunn 0

    I see that the YouTube algorithm has taken us to the same place.

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