The Old New Thing

Color-aware ClearType requires access to fixed background pixels, which is a problem if you don't know what the background pixels are, or if they aren't fixed

ClearType is a technology that blends text pixels with background pixels with the goal of reducing visual artifacts during text rendering.¹ If you go for the full-meal version of ClearType, it uses knowledge about the physical properties of LCD screens in order to carry out its work. Some time ago, I noted one catch with this model, which...
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Tip for trying to boost morale: Don't brag about your overseas trips

Once upon a time, a senior manager held a team meeting to address low team morale. Attempting to highlight how important the project was, he opened by saying, "I just got back from ⟨faraway country⟩, meeting with some of our important clients, and..." This remark had exactly the opposite effect from what the manager intended. ...