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2010 year-end link clearance

Another round of the semi-annual link clearance. And, as always, the obligatory plug for my column in TechNet Magazine...

What makes RealGetWindowClass so much more real than GetClassName?

There's Get­Class­Name and then there's Real­Get­Window­Class. What makes Real­Get­Window­Class more real? Recall from last time that the Real... functions were added to support Windows accessibility. The goal with Real­Get­Window­Class is to help accessibility tools identify what kind of window ...
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WindowFromPoint, ChildWindowFromPoint, RealChildWindowFromPoint, when will it all end?

Oh wait, there's also ChildWindowFromPointEx. There are many ways of identifying the window that appears beneath a point. The documentation for each one describes how they work, but I figured I'd do a little compare/contrast to help you decide which one you want for your particular programming problem. The oldest functions are ...
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Psychic debugging: When I copy a file to the clipboard and then paste it, I get an old version of the file

A customer reported the following strange problem: I tried to copy some text files from my computer to another computer on the network. After the copy completes, I looked at the network directory and found that while it did contain files with the same names as the ones I copied, they have completely wrong timestamps. Curious, I opened up the...
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Windows 7 not only can make a wallpaper slide show from images on your computer, it can even pull them from an RSS feed

Buried in the theme file documentation is a section called [Slideshow] which lets you control the source for images that are used when you put the desktop wallpaper in slideshow mode. And a bonus feature hidden in the [Slideshow] section is the ability to draw the images from an RSS feed. After creating the .theme file, double-click it and it...

That mysterious 01

Some time ago, we learned the story of that mysterious J. There is another mystery character that sometimes shows up in place of a smiley face: the \001. The character starts out as the Unicode U+263A, which looks like this: ☺. In code page 437, this character lives at position 1, and depending on what program is being ...

The __fortran calling convention isn't the calling convention used by FORTRAN

Although the Microsoft C compiler supports a calling convention called __fortran, that's just what the calling convention is called; its relationship with the FORTRAN programming language is only coincidental. The __fortran keyword is now just an old-fashioned synonym for __stdcall. Various FORTRAN compilers use different calling ...
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