A cute hidden message in a image to entertain you while you wait

Raymond Chen

In one of the internal Microsoft special-interest group mailing lists, someone pointed out that the Windows 10 Mail app contains a cute hidden message:

Hold on while we fetch your email.

Hint: The people who noticed were members of the Ham Radio special-interest group.

Answer: The pattern of long and short dashes that are used to suggest motion spell out, in Morse code, the letters M-A-I-L.

Samuel Morse was born on this day in 1791.

Bonus chatter: Jensen Harris recently wrote about a secret message hidden in the Windows 8 internal wallpapers.

Here’s the entire first half on one page.

In the second half, Jensen reveals the answer.

And here’s the solution on one page.

Oh, and at the end of this old post, there’s a story where I welcome Jensen to nerd celebrity.


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