I don’t know how I managed to be presenting at the same conference as Dona Sarkar

Raymond Chen

Dona Sarkar is an aspiring fashion designer, a fashion blogger, a book author, and head of the Windows Insiders program.

She’s also way cooler than I will ever be. Here’s her proposed title slide for one of her presentations at the Build 2018 conference

Maybe if I hang out with her enough, some of the cool will rub off.

On the other hand, in Mary Jo Foley’s preview coverage of Build 2018, she called out four speakers: The three keynote speakers, and me.

So like no pressure or anything.

The event organizers instructed the speakers to upload a photo and brief biography, with the note: “Your biography should be 150 words or less (including spaces).”

“Including spaces”? What does that even mean?

I didn’t count the spaces. They appeared to accept the biography anyway.

¹ Thankfully no longer styled as //build/, though the three slashes are still present in the conference logo design.


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