The day Tully's ran out of coffee

Raymond Chen

Today, Tully’s coffee shops begin offering free Wi-Fi (in shops where Wi-Fi is available). Tully’s isn’t as widespread as Starbucks, but it’s the best of the major chain coffee shops in the Seattle area, according to a highly unscientific poll of my friends. Seeing Tully’s name back in the news reminded me of an incident that occurred to one of my colleagues, who went into the local Tully’s one evening and asked for a cup of drip coffee. The Tully’s employee went to the pot, then turned around and said, “Actually, we don’t have any coffee.” My colleague did get a profuse apology from the district manager, who mentioned that the company policy is that the stores are always to have fresh, hot coffee available during all hours of operation. And as far as I know, every time since then, when my colleague stopped by for an evening cup of coffee, they had it ready.

But I love the quote.


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