A look inside WinInet's index.dat file and changes in IE7 and Vista

Raymond Chen

My frequent bicycling buddy Ari Pernick wrote a couple of articles over on the Windows Network Development blog on the topic of the index.dat file, which appears to have gotten a bit of attention lately.

This past weekend, I joined Ari and another friend in a ride along the Upper Loop of the annual Tour De Peaks bicycle ride. I’d never done this ride before; I tend to do the same routes over and over. This doesn’t bother me like it does other people. We had originally planned to do both the Upper and Lower loops (50km each for a total of 100km), and Ari chatted with one of the ride organizers about the characteristics of the two routes in order to decide which one to take first. During the discussion, the gentleman mentioned the “food committee”. That reminded me that one of Tour De Peaks’ claims to fame is that it has the best food of any Northwest bicycle ride. We ended up abandoning after the first half, because both Ari and I had other things we needed to get done that weren’t on our schedule when we originally signed up for the ride. But we did have the food, and it lived up to the hype. The breakfast table included fresh fruit, juice, organic coffee, muffins, and mini-bagels; lunch included pasta, potato salad, salmon quesadillas, sandwiches, pizza, brownies, and caramel popcorn. Sure beats a bottle of water and a Clif Bar. Highly recommended.

More than once, somebody pointed out to me that the cap was missing from my water bottle. I do that on purpose. After taking a few gulps, I tuck the open bottle in my back pocket. (Bicycling shirts have pockets on the back for convenience. I keep the water there instead of in the bottle cage since most bottles not specifically designed for it are too small for the cage and end up rattling around and eventually falling out.) That way, when I want a drink of water, I can just reach back, grab a few mouthfuls, and tuck it back into my shirt pocket—I don’t like drinking from those sport bottle tops. The water delivery rate is just too slow!


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