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MLOps: DevOps for Machine Learning

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is like DevOps for the machine learning lifecycle. This includes things like model deployment & management and data tracking, which help with productionizing machine learning models. Through the survey below, we'd love to get feedback on your current DevOps practices as well as your prospective usage ...

ML.NET September Updates

This release of ML.NET (1.5.2) brings numerous bug fixes and enhancements, while tooling updates include the ability to train object detection models using Azure ML via Model Builder and to locally train image classification models with the ML.NET CLI.

Introducing the Half type!

The IEEE 754 specification defines many floating point types, including: binary16, binary32, binary64 and binary128. Most developers are familiar with binary32 (equivalent to float in C#) and binary64 (equivalent to double in C#). They provide a standard format to represent a wide range of values with a precision acceptable for many ...

August ML.NET API and Tooling Updates

ML.NET is an open-source, cross-platform machine learning framework for .NET developers. It enables integrating machine learning into your .NET apps without requiring you to leave the .NET ecosystem or even have a background in ML or data science. ML.NET provides tooling (Model Builder UI in Visual Studio and the cross platform ML.NET CLI) ...