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.NET for Metro style apps

.NET is now a core part of several Microsoft platforms, and each has focused on specific subset of APIs. A lot of thought has been put into crafting each API surface area. Many of you have asked how the .NET APIs available for Metro style apps were chosen. In the following post, Immo Landwerth – a program manager on the CLR’s Core ...
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April 2012 Update for Visual Studio 11 Beta

April 2012 Update for Visual Studio 11 Beta is available.    For Visual Studio 11 Beta Ultimate, You can install it through Tools->Extension Manager:   For Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Web, you can download it directly and install: April 2012 Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta.  Due to a known ...

Async in 4.5: Worth the Await

Developers often ask for guidance on how to write responsive user interfaces. Reading most books about the .NET Framework over the past ten years, you’ll see coverage of the asynchronous programming model which requires a lot of careful attention while coding. That’s why the async features in the latest versions of C# and Visual Basic are ...
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