Introducing .NET Live TV – Daily Developer Live Streams

James Montemagno

Today, we are launching .NET Live TV, your one stop shop for all .NET and Visual Studio live streams across Twitch and YouTube. We are always looking for new ways to bring great content to the developer community and innovate in ways to interact with you in real-time. Live streaming gives us the opportunity to deliver more content where everyone can ask questions and interact with the product teams.

.NET Live Website

We started our journey several years ago with the .NET Community Standup series. It’s a weekly “behind the scenes” live stream that shows you what goes into building the runtimes, languages, frameworks, and tools we all love. As it grew, so did our dreams of delivering even more awesome .NET live stream content.

.NET Live TV takes things to a whole new level with the introduction of new shows and a new website. It is a single place to bookmark so you can stay up to date with live streams across several Twitch and YouTube channels and with a single click can join in the conversation.

Here are some of the new shows that recently launched that you could look forward to:

Expanded .NET Community Standups

What started as the ASP.NET Community Standup has grown into 7 unique shows throughout the month! Here is a quick guide to the schedule of the shows that all start at 10:00 AM Pacific:

  • Tuesday: ASP.NET hosted by Jon Galloway with a monthly Blazor focus hosted by Safia Abdalla kicking off Nov 17!
  • Wednesday: Rotating – Entity Framework hosted by Jeremy Likness & Machine Learning hosted by Bri Achtman
  • 1st Thursday: Xamarin hosted by Maddy Leger
  • 2nd Thursday: Languages & Runtime hosted by Immo Landwerth
  • 3rd Thursday: .NET Tooling hosted by Kendra Havens
  • 4th Thursday: .NET Desktop hosted by Olia Gavrysh

Packed Week of .NET Shows!

DayTime (PT) Show Description
Monday 6:00 AM C# with CSharpFritz Join Jeff Fritz (csharpfritz) in this start from the beginning series to learn C# in this talk-show format that answers viewers questions and provides interactive samples with every episode.
Monday 9:00 AM The .NET Docs Show Join David Pine, Scott Addie, Cam Soper, and more from the Developer Relations team at Microsoft each week as they highlight the amazing community members in the .NET community.
Monday 11:00 AM Visual Studio Remote Office Hours A weekly show dedicated to the topic of working from home. Mads Kristensen from the Visual Studio team invites guests onto the show for conversations about anything and everything related to Visual Studio and working from home.
Tuesday 10:00 AM .NET Community Standup Join members from the ASP.NET teams for our community standup covering great community contributions for ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and more.
Tuesday 12:00 PM C# Corner with Instafluff Join Instafluff (Raphael) each week live on Twitch as he works on fun C# game related projects from his C# corner.
Wednesday 10:00 AM .NET Community Standup Join the Entity Framework and the Machine learning teams for their community standups covering great community contributions.
Thursday 10:00 AM .NET Community Standup Join the Xamarin, Languages & Runtime, .NET Tooling, and .NET Desktop teams covering great community contributions for each subject.
Thursday 2:00 PM On .NET Live Join Cecil Phillip as he hosts and interviews amazing .NET contributors from the .NET teams and the community.
Friday 2:00 PM Visual Studio Extensions with Mads Join Mads Kristensen from the Visual Studio team each week as he builds extensions for Visual Studio live!

More to come!

Be sure to bookmark as we are living streaming 5 days a week and adding even more shows soon! If you are looking for even more great developer video content be sure to check out Microsoft Learn TV where in addition to some of the shows from .NET Live TV you will find 24 hour a day streaming content of all topics.


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  • MgSam 0

    I’m confused about the target audience for these “shows”. I’ve been an active member of the .NET community since before it was open sourced, but I certainly do not have time to watch hours of Microsoft’s internal standup meetings every week. It looks like most of these videos rarely break 2K watches. Compare that to the millions of developers that use .NET.

    I think blog posts and meeting notes are a far more effective way to communicate the same information. I realize it’s more work for Microsoft to do this, but it’s worth it if transparency and community engagement is really what’s important to you. Meeting notes in particular are trivial to make, as you’re just writing down the important points that come up during the course of the meeting. The information density in a blog post or meeting notes is far greater than that of a video, and for most of the community which has limited free time this would be much easier and more effective to consume.

    Finally, I should note that actually responding and triaging questions/feature requests on Github would be a far more effective way for Microsoft to communicate with their community. If we look at the highest voted API requests in dotnet/runtime they nearly universally have not been triaged for work by Microsoft and instead have been assigned to the meaningless “future” bucket.

    • Benoit Gerard 0

      I second MgSam. I have watched some videos/streams, and some feels nice (like the one on Blazor a month ago, packed with demo of much awaited update like Grid performance) and some not (1 hour of triage and dodging questions like the last community standup, meh) but in any case it just took too much time. It feels much more efficient to read blog post while doing sth else (music, chore, commute… well this last one may be [Deprecated]!).

      Regular (at least weekly) update posts are really the best, and if you want to do more… Yeah, putting a lot of hours in interacting with the community in Github issues/discussions would be nice. It could take an immense amount of time on your side, but that would be the best wait to show your engagement to the .Net community. And you could always recycle it here with “GitHub Issues Highlight” blog posts that anyone would be happy to check I think 🙂

    • Will Woo 0

      Applause for this ! These videos are cotton candy few will need. A waste of resources that could go into cleaning up and correcting the terrible on-line documentation and code examples.

    • Oleg Mikhailov 0

      I totally agree, technical and entertainment content are too different and they require different approaches. Coding is not the Minecraft to stream it on Twitch; good book, an article in the (now unfortunatelly closed) MSDN Magazine or blog post here would work better.

    • James MontemagnoMicrosoft employee 0

      Appreciate the feedback here and to all the replies on the thread. I would say that everyone learns and engages differently with content, and our goal is to reach developers where they are and attempt to reach new developers through new initiatives such as this. The interactive part is an important aspect as we are writing docs and shipping new features and this gives us an avenue to engage deeply with our developers. As we continue to build out live stream content as a new way of interacting and engaging with developers, we are heavily invested in all of the things you said such as documentation, blogs, events, GitHub, and so much more. Pick whatever works best for you and how you want to engage with us.

  • Jiyuan Zhou 0

    Great work to gather the dotnet videos together!
    I am looking forward with some videos that get involved with lower level debug and performance tunning, for the dotnet, SOS, dotnet collect, perfview, etc. Because it’s somehow hard to understand by just reading the manual.

  • John King 0

    people in China can not watch Youtobe, why not add those video into chanel9 (it’s slow , but can visit, hope it can running on azure )

    • James MontemagnoMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks for the feedback John. We are working on a solution for this and will update when we roll that out.

  • 0

    Um, we already have Is there a civil war going on inside Microsoft we don’t know about?

    • James MontemagnoMicrosoft employee 0

      Channel 9 is a wonderful source for on-demand content on a wide range of topics and in fact many of the hosts of live streams also have shows on Channel 9 such as The Xamarin Show, On .NET, and Azure Fridays. With live streaming we are leveraging the existing sources out there as targets, however we are actively collaborating with the Channel 9 and MS Learn team on exciting new things 🙂

    • Prashant Gupta 0

      I agree with Channel 9 comment – the firehose just got bigger. Especially with all the conferences going virtual there is so much content coming out that I’m developing major FOMO. :). You’d think more content is better but it is not. Not sure if I should follow Ch9 or .NET Live TV…..- PG.

  • Matt Pedigo 0

    Despite the other comments that say this is too much, I can’t get enough of this content. Keep it up. I don’t have time to read everything but I do have time to listen as I am sorting thru content, looking for nuggets of knowledge as I go about my daily work. In some instances, I can watch and listen at faster speed allowing me to breeze thru at a faster pace.

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