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What’s new in GC in CLR 4.5 from our team blog

This is now live from CLR's team blog. This paints a more complete picture than what I talked about in my "What's new in 4.5 GC" Channel 9 interview which mostly focused on Server Background GC. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/archive/2012/07/20/the-net-framework-4-5-includes-new-garbage-collector-enhancements-for-client-and-server-...
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Visual Studio 2012 RC Web Tooling Extensions update

If you have been following our blog and twitter accounts then you most likely have heard that some of the Web components of Visual Studio 2012 are now “Out of Band”. What that means is that we can update those components separately from Visual Studio itself. Because of this we will be posting updates on a regular basis. Today marks the ...

Targeting Multiple Platforms with Portable Code: Overview

As programming with .NET has become prevalent on all Microsoft platforms, targeting multiple platforms at once becomes a critical desire amongst developers. In fact, we see the future of library development moving to supporting an intersection of platforms rather than targeting just one version of the .NET Framework at a time. Mircea Trofin, ...
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