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How to use the new CSS features in Visual Studio Orcas

One of the questions I have gotten when showing the new CSS features in Orcas to customers is how do these tools help me analyze the styles on my page. Or more specifically, why doesn’t the page look like I think it should. One of the most powerful new tools included in Orcas is the CSS property grid. It looks somewhat like the standard ...

Difference Between Perf Data Reported by Different Tools – 4

.NET CLR Memory\% Time in GC counter and !runaway on thread(s) doing GC. The 2 common ways people use to look at the time spent in GC are the % Time in GC performance counter under .NET CLR Memory, and the CPU time displayed by the !runaway debugger command in cdb/windbg. What do they mean exactly? % Time in GC is calculated like this: When ...
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Tip/Trick: Using Mobile Web Forms with Web Application Projects

Hopefully, people reading this post are familiar with the "Web Application Projects" feature that was added to Visual Studio 2005 in Service Pack 1.  If you are using Web Application Projects, you might have noticed that it doesn't have item templates for ASP.NET Mobile Web Forms (which were previously available in Visual Studio 2003...