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Building AI-powered Microsoft Copilot with SignalR and other open-source tools

Microsoft Copilot is powered by several open-source tools, such as SignalR, Adaptive Cards, Markdown, and object-basin to solve the unique challenges in building AI-enabled applications at scale. In this article, we share the design considerations and how we integrated various tools with a focus on how we stream messages and responses to the front-end UI while giving some overview of what happens on the server-side.

Microsoft Teams’ Infrastructure and Azure Communication Services’ Journey to .NET 6

Microsoft Teams’ infrastructure team, or Intelligent Conversation and Communications Cloud (IC3), aspires to be the industry leading platform with reliable and high-quality audio and video calling, meetings, and chat experiences that work any time, from anywhere, on any device. A key element of our platform evolution is the migration from .NET Framework to the latest version of .NET LTS, currently .NET 6.