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A practical example of using web application deployment package with IIS7

When a zip package is built from VS2010 web application UI (via Build Deployment Package command), or through command line (msbuild myproject.csproj /t:package), a few files are generated in the destination folder. Here’s some brief description: It’s very common to deploy our package to a IIS7 virtual application under Default...

In-Proc SxS and Migration Quick Start

This post is meant to help you understand what runtime in-process side-by-side is, how to think about it, how to use it, and how it affects application and component migration to the .NET 4 Runtime. This post is relevant to you if you use native runtime activation APIs, depend on specific runtime activation behaviors, or use mixed mode ...
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CLR Inside Out – F# Fundamentals

The new installment of the “CLR Inside Out” column in MSDN Magazine is now available on line.  This month we have an article from Luke Hoban of the F# team on F# Fundamentals.  The article gives an overview of the language, and details how F# takes advantage of various features in the CLR. You can find a list of all...
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Web Custom Control Behavior and Authoring

  Some Best Practices and Guidance for Web Control Vendors Targeting Visual Studio The goal of this post is to provide guidance for control vendors on best practices for writing custom controls with regard to their behavior in Visual Studio. It is designed to give vendors insight into how Visual Studio behaves when performing common ...

Survey – ASP.NET development in Visual Studio 2010

Are you currently doing ASP.NET development in Visual Studio 2010? If so, we would love to hear your feedback!We have created an online survey that will only take a few minutes to complete. Click here to take survey All feedback will be carefully considered and thoroughly reviewed during our planning for future release such as VS 2010 SP1....

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