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Interacting with Databases for Web Developers in VS 2012

VS2012 is out and with it brings a host of developer improvements when dealing with data. This post aims at highlighting a few key improvements which will affect you the most and hopefully you will find this information useful in getting started with the improvements in Visual Studio tooling to interact with databases. While the Data Tooling ...

Enabling ASP.NET Web API Help Pages for ASP.NET Web Forms Applications

ASP.NET Web API Help Pages is a new preview feature that automatically generates help page style content for your Web API endpoints. You can read more about it at Introducing the ASP.NET Web API Help Page and in further posts on Yao's blog. I won't revisit the basics of the feature here. Instead, what I want to focus on is bringing this new ...

The Microsoft Build 2012 Event — .NET Framework Highlights

It was at the first BUILD conference last year that we announced the .NET Framework 4.5. BUILD last week was a big opportunity for us to reflect on the incredible things you can do with .NET 4.5 and Windows 8. It was also a place where we could launch the great new things now available in Windows Phone 8. Christine Ruana is the project ...
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