How to Set Up Multi-Level Hierarchies in VSTS

Pam Lahoud

In another awesome post about Visual Studio Team Services, Premier Developer consultant Assaf Stone talks about customizing VSTS by creating a multi-level hierarchy.


Both VSTS (Team Services) and TFS (Team Foundation Server) have a set organizational hierarchy. An individual developer belongs to a team. A project (also called Team Project, or TP) has multiple teams, and a VSTS account – as well as a TFS collection – contain multiple projects.

While it is possible to run queries that return data from multiple projects, and in TFS, reports can bring data from multiple data sources (i.e. multiple collections), the agile governance tools that VSTS and TFS offer do not aggregate beyond the project level. This means that the hierarchy that VSTS offers has 3 levels: Project, Team, and Developer.

In this post, I will show you how to set VSTS up so that you can create a larger reporting hierarchy, with as many level as you want.

Continue reading on Assaf’s blog here.


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