Adding Tags to New Resources with Azure PowerShell

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In this article, Bryan Soltis explains how to add tags to your PowerShell-scripted Azure resources and keep your systems categorized.

Creating services using Azure PowerShell is fun way to learn syntax and errors messages. There are tons of great commands you can use to do nearly everything as wrong as possible. A missed space here, forget a dash there, and everything explodes. It’s fantastic! But, when you do get the characters right, it’s pretty awesome to be able to script entire Azure architectures with just some lines of code. And if you’re following best practices and using tagging, you probably want to incorporate that into the mix.

I recently worked with a client using Azure Policy to enforce tagging for resources. The company was super savvy and scripted nearly every aspect of their deployments.  This included using Azure PowerShell to create environments and architectures. I got proposed a question on how to specify tags as part of the creation and found the solution pretty interesting. Hopefully, you will, too!

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